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Gentle care, gentle and insensitive

The preferred raw materials of global origin, natural and pure

Lightweight ingredients, safe and efficient

Unique skin-repellent ingredients, minimal formula.

Light moisturizing feeling, natural and transparent

Tested thousands of times, the skin feels comfortable

Easily deal with problems and worry-free

R&D for a variety of skin problems, precise solutions

Lightweight packaging and environmentally friendly

Packaging materials is recyclable, environmentally friendly

Youthful attitude self-selection

An attitude skin care brand that allows you to regain your youth

Miss Protectionism

Miss rudolf was established in 2016 and registered in Hong Kong International Brand Co., Ltd. There are franchisees of our company all over the world, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, Mainland China, Xinjiang, Indonesia and Malaysia. In 2017, MISS RUDOLF was a shortlisted company of the “China Brand Innovation and Development Project”, and from December 27th to 29th, it landed on the “World’s No. 1 Screen” Nasdaq screen in Times Square, New York, USA, representing Chinese brands Demonstrate the strength of Chinese companies to the world and lead national brands to the world! The fourth year of the brand development. We started to enter the Malaysian market in 2019. We, Miss Beaute, are the general agent executive director of West Malaysia.


Relax the tense skin, relieve the skin’s defense system, open the skin nourishing channel


Precisely and efficiently repair and solve your skin problems and replenish skin nutrients


Giving the skin a gentle cultivation, forms barrier defending against external damage

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Become World Class No.1 fashion decompression brand for every women

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